Rose City Classic Dog Shows

The Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon holds 2 shows annually in conjunction with a
5-day series of AKC dog shows called the Rose City Classic, which is one of the largest and most popular dog events in the United States.

The Rose City Classic appreciates our pet food sponsors, Eukanuba and Royal Caninhelping us support such first-rate shows and our Annual Student Art Contest featuring canine themes and artistic local youth.

There are 4 all breed shows and 21 specialties. Follow the links below for information about the cluster.

Show Chairman for Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon and
Rose City Classic 2019 -2020: Larry Bruton

Tualatin Show Chairman for 2019: Dianne Kroll

Tualatin Kennel Club Show Chairman for 2020 and 2021: Joan Savage

Cluster Coordinator Patti Strand

Publicity Chairman, Patti Strand

Vendor Chairman, Dave Gaffney

Specialty Chairman, Patti Strand
Click link above or call Patti at 503-761-8962
for more information about Rose City Classic specialties


Oregon Dog Judges

Terrier Association of Oregon